PCA Perfecting Peel

Available at Etobicoke location only

PCA Perfecting Peel

The Perfecting Peel is a unique peeling option for all clients, including those with sensitive skin and those higher on the Fitzpatrick Scale. The Peel provides solutions for signs of aging, discolouration, and breakout prone skin.
The Peel is composed of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and a mixture solution that polishes texture, brightens the skin complexion, revamps dry skin that is lacking hydration and reduces Melasma. This treatment is also a great remedy to soften any bumps, treat Keratosis Pilaris, and help loosen milia and black heads. This illuminating treatment has a progressive outcome where the results will provide a “new-skin-tissue” enhanced effect, suitable even for those looking for a more conservative approach.
The Perfecting Peel is made of Bitter Almonds to clean dead surface cells, AHAs from Lactic Acid to increase the skin’s natural moisturizing factor, Milk Thistle Botanicals to reduce discolouration, and components aiding in Anti-Inflammatory protection against oxidative stress. Therefore, those seeking remedies against environmental factors impacting aging are encouraged to do this peel.


45 min. $250


Package of 3 10% off
Package of 6 20% off

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