Tri Fractional Resurfacing

Available at Etobicoke location only

Tri Fractional Resurfacing

Resurfacing is an advanced, safe ablative technology that rejuvenates the face and neck, and provides a youthful look with minimal discomfort and downtime. The treatments are targeted towards wrinkles, fine lines, skin tightening, and skin resurfacing, including the improved appearance of scars.

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During treatment the RFF Resurfacing technology emits brief pulses through cone-shaped electrodes that slide into the epidermis to form pinhead-sized spots. This creates micro-wounds which trigger the body’s natural wound-healing mechanism, and prompts the production of new, healthy and younger-looking skin, by stimulating collagen and elastin production.
Other systems are painful due to the mechanical insertion of electrodes. By contrast, our technology utilizes RF energy together with the penetration of the electrodes, resulting in almost painless skin resurfacing procedure.

  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lifting and contouring of the face
  • Firming and tightening of the skin
  • Improved appearance of scars (acne, stretch marks, etc.)
  • Reduction of pore size and general brightening of skin

During a TriFractional Skin Resurfacing treatment, you may feel a brief prickly sensation as the energy is emitted. Following treatment, the treated area may feel warm and have slight redness or swelling for a brief time. Applying an emollient cream for one or two days after treatment is recommended. Use of regular moisturizers and makeup can resume one day after treatment. After a couple of days, you will notice that tiny scabs have formed. These scabs will naturally shed during the following few days. Avoid peeling these scabs; makeup can be applied over them. Sunscreen and limited sun exposure are recommended for a few weeks after a TriFractional Skin Resurfacing treatment.

Typically, two or three TriFractional treatments are recommended. More treatments may be necessary for severe acne scarring or enhanced improvement of wrinkles. Treatments normally occur every 4 weeks.


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