PCA Medical Facial

Available at Etobicoke location only

PCA Medical Facial

The PCA Medical Facial is an Advanced Facial Treatment that includes a deep cleansing and pore refining treatment with a therapeutic mask application that works on the skin in a deeper cellular manner, which may include some light to medium downtime. However, this is dependent on the severity of the acne, pigmentation, texture or scarring varying from person to person. Therefore, the PCA Medical Facial is better suited for those with a deeper level of oily, cystic and persistent acne, including: hyperpigmentation and melasma. Additionally, this is also a great facial choice for treating acne (post-scarring) and individuals with these concerns are encouraged to do this facial in a package.
Following the therapeutic mask application an enzymatic resveratrol or detoxifying peel treatment is applied which works to penetrate, brighten and remove stubborn toxins from the skin. Any extractions (if necessary) are performed at this time; no steam is applied.
Lastly, the Oxy-Trio includes the activator, detoxifier, and serums applied with the Oxygenator supporting the skin’s metabolism. This boosting treatment adds skin vibrancy, purification and radiance for a more even and brighter skin tone.


60 min. $199
Package of 6 $995

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