Facial Treatments

Available at our Etobicoke location only

Eye Treatment – Visibly diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, while reducing the look of puffiness and dark circles.

30 min. – $ 60           Add on to Facial – $ 30         Package of 6 – $ 300

Microdermabrasion – A safe, non invasive resurfacing treatment to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and congestion on the skin. Skin will be softer, brighter, and younger looking.

45 min. – $ 120        Add on to Facial – $ 35          Package of 6 – $ 600


GM Collin Clinical Facials

(All Clinical Facials are 90 mins. in duration)

Algomask + Treatment – An enriched thermo-corrective treatment that provides instant radiance by hydrating, soothing and brightening the skin while minimizing redness.

$ 115          Package of 6 – $ 575

Puracne Treatment – Acne treatment to clear skin congestion, control acne and renew the skin. Controls and prevents acne with breakthrough Oxygen Complex and Anti-Microbial Peptides combined with Salicylic, Glycolic and Lactic Acids.

$ 115          Package of 6 – $ 575

Oxygen Treatment – Oxygenating treatment to revitalize dull, fatigued skin. Oxygen complex and rich peptides to renew the skin’s glow.

$ 130          Package of 6 – $ 650

Hydrolifting Treatment – A “must have” for skin lacking tone. This treatment firms, deeply hydrates and restores providing a visible tightening effect and more radiant skin. Perfect before a special event.

$ 130          Package of 6 – $ 650

Sea C Spa Treatment – A powerful age-defying treatment designed to delay the visible signs of aging and energize the skin. Antioxidant treatment formulated with marine and vegetal ingredients (vitamin C Concentrate, Algae Biomatrix Patches and Thermal Organic Mud). Exceptional pre and post-sun exposure. Ideal for urban areas with high pollution levels.

$ 140          Package of 6 – $ 700

Phyto Stem Stell Treatment – This advanced anti-aging treatment harnesses free radicals, brightens the skin complexion, softens and smoothes the skin’s texture.  It visibly improves the overall appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as the firmness of the skin.

$ 140          Package of 6 – $ 700

Collagen 90-11-Powerful Anti-Wrinkle Formula – This exclusive, highly renowned intensely rejuvenating treatment dramatically minimizes deeper lines and wrinkles, hydrates and tightens the skin resulting in resurgence of a more youthful appearance.

$ 155          Package of 6 – $ 775

Botinol-Signature Anti-aging treatment – An innovative, clinically proven treatment boosted with peptides to visibly reduce expression lines and wrinkles, retinol and alpha lipoic acid to further deactivate the signs of aging.

$ 165          Package of 6 – $ 825


Peel Treatments

Derm Renewal Treatment – A deep exfoliating treatment that combines Lactic and Glycolic Acids with Arginine to promote skin renewal and hydration. Indicated for fine lines, wrinkles and congested skin. Add on to any treatment or experience as part of a peel series.

30 min. – $ 60        Add on to Facial –  $ 25          Package of 6 – $ 300

Lactic Treatment – This peel evens out the top layer of the skin and mildly stimulates collagen while antioxidants and anti-inflammatories prevent free radical damage and irritation. Indicated for dry, flaky
skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

30 min. – $ 60        Add on to Facial – $ 25          Package of 6 – $ 300

Glycolic Treatment – A restorative intensive peel designed for deep exfoliation for lines and wrinkles, photo-aging, dull skin, and imperfections. This peel works to even out the top layers and stimulate collagen.

30 min. – $ 60        Add on to Facial – $ 25          Package of 6 – $ 300

Salicylic Treatment – A peel designed to exfoliate, relieve blocked pores, eliminate redness and swelling associated with acne. Stimulates collagen. Indicated for oily acne prone skin and photo-aging.

30 min. – $ 60        Add on to Facial – $25          Package of 6 – $ 300



iS Clinical Fire & Ice “Red Carpet” Facial Treatment

For instant brightening and tightening of the skin, the Fire and Ice Facial treatment by IS Clinical is the best for you. It is a luxurious and an intensive clinical treatment designed to exfoliate and resurface the skin both quickly and safely. It reduces fine lines, wrinkles and cleans deep blocked pores. It is perfect to pamper your skin and get glowing skin naturally and instantly. It is popularly known as ‘The Red Carpet Facial’ for obvious reasons! The effective, multi-step treatment requires two masque applications. The ‘fire’ portion of the treatment is an intensive resurfacing masque clinically formulated with vitamin B3 and potent antioxidants, including green tea extracts.

This is followed by the ‘ice’ portion; a rejuvenating, cool, soothing and intensively hydrating masque with Japanese green tea extracts, aloe vera gel, licorice, rosemary and grape seed extracts. This second masque cools the initial peel to leave the skin invigorated and glowing followed by application of a serum and a cream. It is suitable for all skin types and ages. It encourages cellular renewal and offers excellent results-renews your skin with no peeling, downtime, or side effects. It’s safe, effective and clinically proven to leave you with amazing results.

30 min. – $ 125        Package of 6 – $625

60 min. – $ 175        Package of 6 – $875


IPL Treatments


Skin Rejuvenation/Photo Rejuvenating Treatment

As we age our skin reflects damage from the sun, harsh elements and the wear and tear of daily busy life. In respond we often seek the best options that will give us effective results, fast. Photorejuvenation treatment helps to remove age spots (sun induced freckles) most brown pigmentation and redness due to broken capillaries. Helping the skin “turn back the clock” giving you a younger, naturally even toned, and healthy appearance.
With no downtime making it ideally suited for todays active lifestyle.

In addition it improves dull complexions, uneven pigments, early signs of aging, large pores, as well as red flushing skin and rosacea.

How does it work?

Pulse light is applied in a series of gentle pulses over the treated area. Without damaging the skin, the light penetrates the sub surface skin layers and is absorbed by the blood vessels or by pigmentation. The heat impairs the vessel or lesion causing the body to begin its natural healing process. The pulse lights gentle energy parameters assures a safe non damaging, effective, comforting treatment.


Pricing for Skin Rejuvenation/Photo Rejuvenating Treatment

Face – $320
Neck – $320
Face & Neck – $550
Chest – $320
Lower Arms – $320


Acne Treatment

Acne is a common condition characterized by obstructed sebaceous glands, pimples and sometimes deeper cysts or nodules. Acne begins in adolescence and usually affects most teenagers at some time. However, adults too can suffer from acne. Not only in the face but also the back and decollete area can be effected by this stubborn issue. P.acnes ( propionibacterium acne ) are a type of bacteria that colonize inside the sebaceous gland and clog it.

How does this treatment work?

A photo chemical reaction occurs and the interaction of the intense blue light and the porphyrins creates oxygen that rapidly destroys the bacteria without damaging the surrounding tissue.

The treatment parameters for acne destruction depend on the patients skin type and the acne lesion type. Therefore the first steps are assessing the skin and performing a patch test.

• Tanned skin (active tan) through sun exposure or tanning bed use in the previous 30 days
• Any inflammatory skin condition ex: eczema, herpes simplex ect. In the treated area
• Cancer
• Epilepsy
• Retin-A or Accutane
• Pregnancy
• Diabetes


Pricing for Acne Treatments

Full Face – $320
Neck – $320
Face & Neck – $550
Upper Back – $600
Full Back – $900


Vascular & Pigmented Lesion Removal

Most vascular lesions like rosacea, erythema, telangiectasias, hemangiomas and benign pigmented lesions are ideal candidates for non invasive pulsed light treatments. Cosmetic flaws may be caused by heredity, pregnancy, medication and environmental factors that take a toll on our skins appearance.

How does it work?

Selective pulsed light energy is precisely absorbed by the targeted areas, without damaging healthy skin. Selectively heating and closing off blood vessels causes reduction of the benign vascular lesion while sparing nearby tissue from injury.

With pigmentation the light energy heats the melanin in the lesion and causes it to fragment. They are then absorbed by the body and eliminated.

This treatment assures safe, effective results. The pulses precisely heat their intended targets, causing little to no skin damage or discomfort. With no down time patients can return to their normal activities immediately but keeping in mind that its extremely important to protect their skin from the sun by wearing SPF for optimal results.


Pricing for Vascular Treatments

Full Face – $320
Half Face – $200
Chest – $320
Hands – $250
Nose – $100
Spot Treatment – $100